Finding The Right Hair Cut, I Need Help!

I recently did a guest post on finding the right vehicle and things I always consider when buying a car.  Then I realized I was starting to have that itch for a hair cut.  In all honesty, for me, I feel like finding the right hair cut is harder than finding the right vehicle.  First of all, I like my long hair but sometimes I just need a change.  Usually once a year I’ll bit the bullet and go for a big change.  I’ll love it for a couple of weeks then I want my long hair back.  Well I’m getting to the point that I’m ready for a change again.  If nothing else it needs trimmed because split ends are coming out in full force.

hair help


I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to doing anything drastic.  Though my last hair cut I did go super short which I hadn’t done in a long time.  I’ll go on a search for a picture or two to show the person doing my hair (I don’t have a regular stylist I go to a place like Mastercuts because I don’t need an appointment and I can go when I think I have time).  I find myself often taking looks similar to Jennifer Aniston or Victoria Beckham.  Both classy ladies with a classic style.  I need a low maintenance hair cut . If I have to use a curling iron or spend more than 15 minutes on it to get the style right it’s not gonna happen.

So what do you think folks?  Can you help a girl out?

I’m So Over Winter

Living here in south central, PA, January and February are always the worst months.  It’s expected.  We expect to see snow, ice, winter storms, and freezing temps.  These few months is always prime time for the winter blues.  I’m itching to take my kids out for a walk on sidewalks I can see. Right now it’s hard to walk anywhere.  Not just because of the temps but not everyone does or is able to shovel sidewalks.  Ice patches makes it hazardous.  I have to walk about 3 blocks to the hospital I work at from the employee parking lot. Last year I slipped and fell on the ice and landed in a half frozen puddle.  The whole side of my leg was wet.  My one coworker took the heat gun for our splints and tried to dry off my pants.  When they saw that wasn’t working they got me a pair of OR scrub pants to wear for the day.  Sometimes though I see it and do see some beauty in it.  I took this pic after I parked my car and noticed some poor guy walking down the road (told you the sidewalks weren’t any shape to walk on) in the cold.

winter roads parked


If I’m to find something nice to say about this, it does quiet the sound of the cars that drive up and down the street in front of our house.

Every morning for work I go out and start my car up about 10-15 minutes before I go to work to melt the ice and get my car bearable to drive.  I know other areas are even worse but I’m just so over this cold.  Got in my car this morning, started it up and this is the temp that popped up

negative temp in car


I posted this on facebook. My dad (whose a mailman as a matter of fact) leaves early that I do for work.  He said his temps said -20 and his radio never turned on on his way to work.  I really feel bad for people like my dad who have to work every day in this dangerously cold weather.  So glad he’ll be retiring in a few months.

I was asked to write a guest post for one of my car dealership clients for their blog.  I felt it was fitting to write about vehicles features I’m thankful for in the winter.  I’d love for you to stop and check it out.

So what’s it like in your area.  Unless you live in Florida I don’t want to hear just kidding.





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Zubels Petit Pomme Dress Review

I received the below mentioned dress at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

I love dressing my little ones.  Babies and toddlers, they really don’t care what they wear as long as their comfortable.  As a mom though, I want my little ones to be comfortable and look cute in their little outfits.  Ok so babies and toddlers are cute no matter what but don’t you just love seeing the little outfits that you buy on them. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money.

I LOVE the smock style clothes So many cute colors, styles, and possibilities.  Zubels has their own line of cute smock style clothing called Petit Pomme.  I was pouring over all the super cute styles for the little ones.  I was thinking, “oh I’d love to get my daughter this one and that one…”  I had an opportunity to review a dress for my daughter called the Three Bunny Blue Dress.

petit pomme bunny blue dress


The  material of the dress is 60% cotton and 40% polyester.  It felt soft and was a billowy dress.  I had bought a size bigger.  My daughter is currently in 24 months but some 2T clothing so  I went ahead and requested the dress in size 2T.  It was a bit long but that’s ok. I’m one that would rather clothes be a little too big than too small to ensure my children will get some wear out of it.  I couldn’t wait to put this dress on her.

Normally my daughter is quite the little ham bone when I take the camera out but this time she wasn’t feeling the pictures.  But I still got some pretty cute shots of her in the dress considering.

petit pomme dress

She looked so cute in her Petit Pomme dress.  I followed my daughter around the house like the momarazzi trying to get pics of her.  She was not having it.  I got one more shot of her setteled into my husband’s recliner. I totally missed a super cute picture of her coming down the stairs holding a teddy bear.

petit pomme recliner

This will be the perfect dress for spring Easter egg hunts, visits with the Easter bunny, or anything spring really.  Check out Petit Pomme for the super cute clothes for both boys and girls – infant to toddler size 4.  My only cons for this dress is that the first day she wore it one of the buttons on the back fell off but buttons are easy to fix so I did.  Also the dress is made in the Philippines, for me I like buying American made when possible.  The rest of the stitching seemed to be done well, the embroidery on the dress was cute.

You can find Zubels on the following social sites:

Twitter: @Zubelskids


Instagram: @zubels


Check Out Max & Erma’s New Happiness Hours

I will be receiving Max & Erma’s Gift cards in exchange for promoting Happiness Hours.  Any opinions expressed are my own.  Giveaway sponsored by Max & Erma’s. 

Monday February 16th started Max & Ermas new Happiness Hours in locations throughout the Pittsburgh area. Happiness Hours are Monday through Friday 3:30 pm – 6pm.  So I had to ask, What exactly makes it Happiness Hours.

How about $5 “shareables” appetizers that include delicious appetizers like: Knockout Nachos, Colossal Meatball, and Chicken Fajita Quesadilla for example. I’ve never seen an appetizer like the Colossal Meatball.  It’s a made from scratch meatball with marinara sauce and sprinkled with parmesan, served in a skillet with fresh ciabatta bread.

max erma meatball


How about something to wet your whistle like $2 domestic draft beers, $3 selected craft beers, and $3.50 cocktails that include Long Island Iced Tea, Disarrono Sours (one of my faves), Jack and Coke, and Max’s Original Margarita and Sangria.

Max & Ermas has 68 family friendly locations in 10 states. You an find a location nearest you HERE.

If that’s not enough you can find every day drink specials like $2.50 Miller High Life and Pabst Blue Ribbon cans, $4 Big Bad Ermas, and $5 house wine.  For the kids, well they can eat free every Tuesday.  Don’t forget about free cookies Wednesday either.

Check out Max & Erma’s menu and tell me what sounds good to you!

max erma nachos


You an find Max & Erma’s on these social media sites as well:

Twitter: @MaxErmas



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