Gardeners and Survivalists Will Love This

pixel Gardeners and Survivalists Will Love This

We all have friends that we feel are authorities or your “go-to” person for advice on certain subjects. For me I have 2 friends who have green thumbs. They know when to plant what, they can make things grow from something I probably would have thrown and long thought dead.  They know which parst of plants to cut off to give to someone else to regrow. That’s not me.  If it came down me growing vegetables for my family to survive…I mean if it really came down to it, I would figure it out fast but for me just to plant a garden and grow it….I might have a few things survive.

Which brings me to the Ark Survival Gear Heirloom Seeds Pack that has 7500+ seeds to plant your own survival garden.  I got this packets with an overwhelming amount of seeds.  There was like, 3 or 4 different types of lettuce alone in this pack. I had honestly wanted to plant a vegetable garden.  My mother had a decent one growing up and we’d have tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, etc all summer.  She knew how to can and she’d can some of it. Trying to get my family to eat fresh fruits and veggies too, I thought this would be and enticing way to do it.

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Now I’m not a survivalist but in a survival situation this is supposed to have a lot of things you’d need to sustain.  I was bewildered by some of the seed packets in the pouch.  I mean, why on earth would one need catnip in a survival situation?  So I turned to my gardening friends.  As they helped me with what I could plant at this time of year in Pennsylvania, they also told me that catnip can be used as an herbal tea.

ARK Survival Gear Heirloom Seeds have a lifetime guarantee.  They come packaged in a breathable envelope for safer and long-term storage.  They also have the safe seed pledge tested and proven for germination.  Non-GMO American seed.  They also offer a free beginners gardening guide and survival guide with gardening instructions.  So it’s even for people like me that have no idea what they are doing.

I have a small garden in the back so we planted some squash and lettuce with the space we had available to see how these seeds performed.

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We watered them a few times when we remembered (probably why my plants die a lot) and would periodically check for signs of life (hoping but not expecting with our gardening skills).  We didn’t buy any more soil.  We just weeded the are we were gonna use and plunked them in.  This is what we saw about 2 weeks after.  Look signs of life!!

Blog 0032 1024x682 Gardeners and Survivalists Will Love This

If I can get these seeds to grow then these are good seeds.  My husband was talking about doing a vegetable garden next year. I’d like to try out the rest of the seeds then.  Love me some fresh cucumbers!

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Are you a gardener?  What do you like to plant? ARK Survival Gear Heirloom Seed Packet is available on Amazon:

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Paying Loans Back Wisely

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First let me say that I am not an expert on loans and finances.  I read everything I can get my hands on but it doesn’t make me an expert.  But many years ago I made poor choices and I’ve been working since then to correct my credit and become debt free and I’ve made fantastic progress.  This post is just meant for food for thought.  You should always consult a professional when it comes to these choices. I’ve found that each expert has their own method.  I ended up piecing together advice from several experts to find things that worked for me and my family.

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Have you ever gone through the fine print of a loan?  It’s all written in legal jargon with conditions, terms, penalties, etc.  It’s kinda scary really.  While reading the fine print of a loan may not be enjoyable reading after a day of work, it’s important.  Do you know some lenders will actually penalize you for paying off a loan early?  Did you know that just buy paying $20 or so a month extra on your mortgage or car loan can shave months or even years off your loan?  We initially had a 30 year mortgage by us making one extra payment a year it would cut our payment time down to 22 years instead of 30.  Of course you know that saves money with interest and equity in your house.

It’s important to know the terms of your loan.  After paying on it for a while you may wonder if you’ll get get a better deal refinancing.  You want to look at the fees to refinance, the percentage rate available, and your payment options.  My husband has near perfect credit. We looked at 3 different lenders. We got a rate from one lender that was pretty good.  We decided to try a lender we were already working with for our vehicles.  Turns out we got an even better rate from them. The refinance helps us pay our house off now in 15 years.  We pay 1/2 of our mortgage every 2 weeks.  That means that twice a year we make an extra half payment.  So one full extra payment a year.  That one extra payment a year is now turning our 15 year mortgage into about a 13.5 yr mortgage.  That’s not to say it’s always a good idea to refinance.

There are a lot of factors that can change the outcome: lenders fees, interest rates, number of years  you’ve been paying on your current loan, debt to income ratio, credit score, are just a few things that can effect the results of loan searches.

There are plenty of experts to find out more too like Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, etc. And tons of finance books and magazines out there.  One book I found very helpful and easy to understand when it comes to mortgages was “Mind Your Own Mortgage” by Robert Barnabe

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Summer Heat Giveaway Event 7/21-7/31

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I Qualified for a $100 Project on SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy is one of my favorite survey sites.  Before I grew my blog i did survey sites a lot.  I was on several of them. It used to frustrate me to take survey after survey with nothing to show for it because I wouldn’t qualify or all I got was a sweepstakes entry or a few points.  I reluctantly signed up for SurveySavvy last year. Honestly with working outside my home, having 4 kids, and running this site I really don’t have much time to sit and take 20 minute surveys.  BUT I signed up anyway thinking if something interesting came up or when I had a slow week I’d do a few.

survey savvy logo I Qualified for a $100 Project on SurveySavvy

I get lots of notifications from Survey Savvy when new surveys and studies are available but I only take them sometimes. Yesterday I had some down time.  My posts were caught up, I was off of work and the little ones were sleeping so I thought, why not?  I ended up qualifying for a study that will pay $100 at completion.  Then I took another one a qualified for one that will pay $35 at completion.   l looked at my balance for my account not expecting to find anything since I’d only done about 2 or 3 surveys since I signed up and there was $22.50 in my account…I have no referrals so it’s not from them.

There was one meant for those with diabetes. Said if you qualified they’d pay you $1000.  I didn’t qualify for that one but I didn’t expect to because I don’t have diabetes. All I know is I will be setting some time aside each week to catch up on the surveys offered.  One thing though, most of the higher paying projects require you to download the SavvyConnect to you computer and/or phone.

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Crazy 8 Summer Clearance Event up to 80% OFF!!

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Clearance time, I love it!  Ok so I’m a little sad that there is summer clearance already but this is a great time to buy a size or two bigger and put it away for next year to get brand new clothes dirt cheap. Save up to 80% during the Crazy 8 Summer Clearance!
C8 051614 AndUnder starts v3 300x250 Crazy 8 Summer Clearance Event up to 80% OFF!!

I was checking out the sale, they have cute shorts, tanks, and skirts for baby girls only $2.79!  They have cool shorts for boys as low as $4.89.  Summer is only half over so if your kids need replacement swim trunks or swimsuits this would be a great place to grab them. They also have lots of cute accessories cheap.