Another HOT Reebok Deal ZQuick Just $39.99 for 3 days only!

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You will not see this deal advertised on Reebok’s site.  Today until April 25 you can get a pair of Reebok ZQuick shoes for just $39.99.  These shoes are regularly $89.99.  If you visit the site you’ll see a sale price listed of $69.99 for adults and $49.99 but Reebok gave a special code to share with all you deal seekers to get them for just $39.99 with FREE shipping!  Seriously, you’ll want to grab these up quick, Zquick even!

Reebok ZQuick


Reebok has ZQuick available for men, women, boys, and girls.  My oldest son already has his pair picked out. Use promo code: QUICKDEAL between now and April 25 to get your pair for just $39.99 and FREE shipping.  Share this deal with your friends.


Kraft Hockeyville Vote Now to Determine the Top Two!

I’m here in Johnstown, PA.  Well just outside but I close enough, I work in Johnstown.  Most people out of the are only know Johnstown from the 1889 flood.  Our little town has a chance for something big and I was hoping you all could help us out.  The Cambria County War Memorial made it to the top 4 of  the Kraft Hockeyville sweepstakes.  Voting ends tomorrow to determine the top two.  From those two it will be decided who get $150,000 for rink renovations and a chance to host an NHL hockey game.  This could be huge for our little town.

Kraft Hockeyville logo

There are 3 ways to vote and they’re both pretty easy.

  1. You can vote online at
  2. You can vote via text by texting the word  CAMBRIA to 35350
  3.  You can call 1-855-255-5975 it’s automated. You can press 1 to vote for the Cambria County War Memorial

Of course there are other great rinks in the running too but I would LOVE to see something exciting happen in our little town.  Being just 2 hours east of Pittsburgh it would be amazing to maybe have a chance to host a team like the Pittsburgh Penguins. Even if you choose not to vote for the Cambria County War Memorial I know the other arenas would be just as happy to have your vote.  It doesn’t cost a thing.  You can vote up to 50 time for each method per day.  You can find more info at

Voting to determine the top two ends April 23 so get your votes in soon!



New Dial For Kids Products

I received the below mentioned products as part of the Purex Insiders blogger program.  Any opinions expressed are my own.  

We use Dial products in our house we love the kids’ body washes, the hand soaps, and adult body washes.  Dial for kids now has a new body wash for baby and new hand wash for kids.

Dial Baby is a body and hair wash with a gentle formula.  It’s tear free, hypoallergenic, paraben free, fragrance free, and ph balanced just for babies.  I used this on boy my 2 year old daughter and my 5 year old son. They both have eczema. My son gets itchy patches on his skin so I still have to wash his clothes in baby detergent and I only use those dryer balls to dry his clothes in the dryer.  This wash truly had no scent or color to it at all but worked great.  The only thing is, they only work if you get your kids to use them right? Making it fun always gets kids to be more willing to do the things they’re supposed to. No big secret right?  That can go for anything from cleaning up their room to brushing their teeth.

I talked to my little ones germs that can make them sick but they can be like super heroes and protect themselves against germs by doing things like washing their hands after using the bathroom, washing their bodies, and brushing their teeth.  They become “The Germ Defenders”

Dial Baby Body and Hair Wash

Dial Baby Body and Hair Wash

Sure my daughter is only 2 but she wants to do everything my 5 year old son does.  I can’t say the word “shower” around her without her jumping in the shower with someone.  She really doesn’t care who it is.  Even if I give her her own bath or shower she wants to climb into the tub with someone else.  Right now it’s good for her to join in bath tub with my son. Since she wants to do everything he does she tries to wash herself.  She usually just wipes her face and arms a bit but hey, it’s a start.

I talk to my son about washing his hands and feet, face, and well everywhere really.  He still has some trouble washing his own hair so I help with that.  He’s at a point where he wants to try to do everything by himself.  I usually let him try then I get the areas I don’t think he cleaned very well.

Then onto hand washing.  ALL my boys, I hate to say, I have to remind to wash their hands.  They’re usually pretty good about washing their hands when they help me cook but I don’t think they always do in the bathroom.  Anything I can do to get them to wash their hands.  Dial Kids Foaming hand wash is comes in a fun water melon scent or “watery melon” as the bottle states.  The kids like the foam soap.  Something different I guess.  I talk to my youngest son about how to wash his hands.  I told him “Wash with warm water that helps scare the germs away. The hand soap gets the ones that won’t leave.  Germ defender vanquish the germs to protect your body.

Dial Kids wash hands


So as you may have guessed from my picture above. We’re gonna have a giveaway.


2 Luv Saving Money readers will win a coupon for a 

FREE bottle of Dial Baby wash or Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash

*1st drawn will win 2 coupons

*2nd drawn will win 1 coupon

US only


ALL Disney Footwear ONLY $29.99 at Reebok Until April 23

This post does contain affiliate links.  Regardless I only post legitimate offers from trusted sites.

It’s so funny this should come across my path.  My 2 yr old daughter needs a new pair of tennis shoes as she’s grown out of the ones she has.  I fell in love with the Cinderella runners for toddlers.  Regularly $39.99 I really was hoping for a sale though.  Now ALL Disney Footwear is only $29.99 until April 23 with coupon code: DISNEY.  It’s a small window so grab them if you want them.  I know what I’ll be getting my daughter now!  With the nice weather here she’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes for our nature hikes, daily walks, attending festivals, and all the other fun stuff where a good pair of shoes is definitely a good investment.

Reebok Disney


Scroll through the widget below to see just some of the styles available.  Don’t forget they are all just $29.99 until April 23 with code: DISNEY.  Share this with your friends!  Some of them are regularly $40 or more!

They have lots of other cool Disney shoes though like: Frozen, Cars, Sofia the First, and more.  Check out all the Reebok Disney shoes here.  Which pair of Disney shoes is your favorite?


Of All The Survey Sites I’ve Used SurveySpot The Longest and Here’s Why

This post is sponsored by SurveySpot. Any opinions expressed are my own

Back a few years when I was a single mom looking for ways to make some extra cash without taking much time away from my kids I got into the survey sites.  I tried a lot of them.  Some were worth my time, others were not.  There’s only a select few that i still participate in and SurveySpot is one of them. SurveySpot offers a lot of benefits to participation and has been around a long time.

surveyspot banner


Here are some of the benefits to participating in SurveySpot:

–          Research companies need your opinion on topics like food, TV, movies, new products, and politics

–          Survey Spot is a great community and a great opportunity to get rewarded for sharing your opinion

–          Earn cash, Amazon Gift Cards, and iTunes Gift Cards

–          Free to join; Can start earning right away

–          Stand out in the community by earning badges based on your participation

–          $10,000 quarterly prize draw for active members. Each time you participate in a survey you receive an entry into the drawing. No limit on how many entries anyone can earn.

You can sign up here for free.  I have actually been paid from SurveySpot and have been using it myself for at least 11 years now. I love the fact that my opinions can influence the products I see on my store shelves or purchase online.   I trust SurveySpot, they’re not spammy like some survey sites can be.