Heading to the Beach? Turn To Oriental Trading For Affordable Beach Fun

My family and I are counting down the days to our vacation in July. This year we are headed to Topsail Island in North Carolina. We’ve never been there but we’re so excited. I’ve read nothing but good things about it in my researching.  Have you ever been there? I’d love some recommendations for food, things to do, etc.

We went to a local lake recreation park that has a little beach to kind of tide us over (no pun intended). The kids had fun but now we really can’t wait to head to the beach!


My 4 kids are all talking about what they want to take on the trip and what they want to do on the beach.  My 12 year old tells me today that he has a kite and he wants to fly it on the beach.  Then of course my 7 year old says “I don’t have a kite!”

My 3 year old wants to know if she can build a sandcastle.  She just love playing in the sand.  Both my older boys were asking if we had a beach ball because they thought we had one but we apparently don’t. Or we had one and they busted it a while ago. And I’m always worried about keeping my valuables safe while on the beach.  I went to Oriental Trading trading thinking they were the best place to get some of these things checked off the list but actually, I was able to check them all off the list.

How about a Giant inflatable beach ball that measures 30 inches! 30 inches, that’s like 2.5 ft.  Would be easier to keep track of!

Giant Beach Ball from OrientalTrading.com

Giant Beach Ball from OrientalTrading.com

For myself, hubby, and my older boys I found these super cute Dolphin Beach Safe Containers!

Dolphin Beach Safe from OrientalTrading.com

Dolphin Beach Safe from OrientalTrading.com

For my 7 year old that wanted his own kite, they had these cool Shark kites.  Only $11.99 for a dozen!  Him and all his siblings could have one. We’d have plenty for back ups or maybe a random act of kindness on the beach!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.09.23 PM

Shark Attack Kite at OrientalTrading.com

Oriental Trading have sand pail and scoop sets. I found so many things though like frisbees, sunglasses, visors, squirt guns, fans, totes, and lots of things that would make a day at the beach more fun and comfortable.

Now if you’ll excuse me.  I think I have some ordering to do.  And don’t forget to tell me your recommendations for Topsail Island, NC!

I will be receiving a credit to Oriental Trading Co. for this post. No other compensation has been received.

Swagbucks 4th of July Celebration

In America, we do everything big. Big hair. Big portions. Big parties. Celebrate the 4th of July with MyGiftCardsPlus (Powered by Swagbucks) – where you have the freedom to spend big AND save big!
swagbucks 4th of July

While you are serving up some burgs and dogs from the grill, Swagbucks will be serving MyGiftCardsPlus shoppers SB bonuses sure to make you feel fireworks! 

Starting July 1st, you can earn Cash Back* plus a 100 SB Bonus on ANY Gift Card of $50 or more!** Now’s the time to stock up on all your favorite Gift Cards at MyGiftCardsPlus. Use them to purchase food, drinks, decorations, and even a patriotic outfit for this weekend’s festivities!

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up today to be a citizen of Swagbucks: land of the free gift cards, home of the savings! 


<iframe src=”//giphy.com/embed/IjmMzurYulKEw” width=”480″ height=”318″ frameBorder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=”https://giphy.com/gifs/fireworks-IjmMzurYulKEw”>via GIPHY</a></p>

*Cash Back is paid in the form of SB points good for popular gift cards or PayPal cash.

**100 SB Bonus can be earned only once per store. 

This offer expires at 11:59pm PST on July 4th. Your SB will credit when your electronic gift card is delivered. Must purchase a Gift Card with a value of $50 or more to qualify for a SB bonus. Only one SB Bonus is available per retailer (ex. If you buy two $50 Gift Cards to one retailer you will ONLY receive one (1) 100 SB Bonus). You will not get a SB bonus if you stack smaller denomination Gift Cards (ex. 2 Gift Cards of $25) to equal $50, $75, $100, or more.
I will be receiving swagbucks for this post. 

SWAGO is Back on Swagbucks

Long time readers will know I’m a big fan of Swagbucks. It’s an easy way to cover my entertainment budget, save big on holiday shopping sprees and make money trying out new products i would otherwise be skeptical of. The downside of Swagbucks is that the site gives you so many different ways to earn that it can be complicated and hard to keep track of all it’s earning features. 

swagbucks swago

Well, Swagbucks runs this promotion once a month called SWAGO. It’s like BINGO, except each square takes you to a different part of their site where you can earn points, called SB, doing something easy online. You get paid for filling out your board – the more spaces you fill out, the bigger your bonus! This month, the bonus for filling out your whole board is 300 SB, which you can redeem for a $3 gift card right away. But, that’s just the start of your earnings with SWAGO. Because the game takes you to every nook and cranny of their site, you end up earning a ton of points along the way and learning if Swagbucks is right for you.

How much? Well it varies a bit, but I just completed every square this afternoon and ended up with 3,492 SB, just 9 SB shy of $35 worth of PayPal Cash or any Gift Card I could imagine. The full breakdown is below but the shorter version is I made $35 online this afternoon clicking around the web in my pajamas.

Here’s how I racked up the SB on SWAGO:

– Completed my Survey Profile: 4 SB
– Set my Swag Name: 4 SB
– Completed a Gold Survey on Desktop: 100 SB
– Signed up for a $3 trial of Dollar Shave Club on the Swagbucks App: 1,000 SB
– Signed up for a $10 trial of BirchBox (to gift to a friend): 1,500 SB
– Watched Jimmy Fallon Clips on my SwagButton: 3 SB
– Watched News Headlines on the Swagbucks TV App: 3 SB
– Disqualified from a Gold Survey on the Swagbucks App: 1 SB
– Referred my Mom and convinced her to try a $50 Groupon, earning her 350 SB. Because of the Three For All referral program, she earned 650 SB total, and I get 335 SB for Referring her: 335 SB
– Purchased a $25 Dominos Pizza Gift Card on MyGiftCardsPlus for Friday’s pizza night: 135 SB
– Searched “Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe” on Swagbucks Search and earned SB: 9 SB
– Watched a few cooking show clips on Swagbucks Watch on my desktop: 4 SB
– Completed a Gold Survey on my desktop: 75 SB
– Redeemed a free Swag Code on the SwagButton: 4 SB
– Read a short entertainment news article on nCrave: 2 SB
– Redeemed a free Swag Code on my Swagbucks App: 3 SB
– Completed the Additional Survey Profiler: 5 SB
– Attempted Survey that was at Max Capacity: 1 SB
Subtotal: 3,192 SB
– Redeemed my SB for a $25 PayPal Gift Card to complete my last SWAGO square…

Getting me a 300 SB Bonus for Completing SWAGO! Total Earned 3,492 SB

Tonight I am going to watch a few more funny animal videos to get me over the line so I can redeem another $15 in Gift Cards to add to my splurge fund!

Start playing SWAGO HERE

Himalayan Salt Shop Coupon Code

salt lamp logo

The Himalayan Salt Shop proudly offers a truly unique health and wellness product. Himalayan Salt Lamps have been popular in Europe for decades, but have only recently become known in the United States. These all-natural air purifiers, made of pristine pink Himalayan salt crystal, help clean the air in your home while also serving as a stunning, glowing home decor piece surely to strike up conversation. Visit www.HimalayanSaltshop.com to learn more.

I’ve always wanted to try one of these myself. I’ve heard a number of people tell me that they work for them.

Check out these unique and natural products! Go to www.HimalayanSaltShop.com and use code USFAMILY for 20% off. #himalayansalt


I will be receiving a salt lamp for review purposes. No other compensation has been received. 

The Basics of Dealspotr

My name is Angie and I’m a Verified Influencer for Dealspotr.com. Have you heard of it?  It’s quickly becoming one of my fave sites as a deal hunter.  With a more custom deal finding experience with the New Feeds that have been added, interests, and following your dealspotr friends, what is not to love?

Find the best coupons

What Is It?

Dealspotr is run by Zipfworks.  With the idea that finding products and deals isn’t the latest billboard or magazine ad anymore. It’s people sharing product on facebook, blogging about a cool find, instagramming that dress you love,  or tweeting to people about the good deal you just grabbed. I mean look at what Chewbacca mom did for Kohls!

On Dealspotr you can get coupons for the stores you want, learn about a clearance only people that sign up for the newsletter know about, and catch amazing product deals that savvy deal hunters find both online and off.

Dealspotr has added aspects like “Feeds” (read more below) to allow you to have a more customized deal finding experience.

Why Dealspotr?

First of all, it’s FREE, so no worries there. It’s not just a coupon site.  Think of it more as a social media site for people wanting to save money.

There are feeds. Feeds for newly listed stores, feeds for “hot deal” leadersboard so you know who to follow to find the best deals, feeds for interests…like if you’re a foodie and you really want to stay up to date on restaurant deals you can follow the “Restaurants and Eating” feed. If you are always on the look out for deals and gift ideas you can follow the “Gifts and Gift Ideas” feed (curated by yours truly).  There are feeds for outdoor enthusiasts, fashionistas, and more.

Dealspotr feeds

It’s also a sort of social network. Follow your friends, discover your favorite deal hunters, comment on deals, post deals you find, spot deals you like, so on and so forth.

Maybe a big draw to the site is you earn points for doing lots of things. You earn points for posting deals, you earn points if you deal goes “hot”, you earn points for commenting on other’s posts, earn points for referring our friends, and earn points for correctly spotting hot deals.  What do you do with those points?  Turn them into FREE Amazon gift cards.  Seriously.

With the new Feeds find the deals you actually want as soon as you log into Dealspotr. You can always add more or remove more categories as you discover Dealspotr.

How Do I Create An Account?

I told you how you could earn points but didn’t really show you how.  The first thing you’ll need to do is register for a Dealspotr account (yes it’s free).  You’ll be taken to a page that looks like this

Dealspotr registration page

This is where you’ll create your username that will show up when you post, create your password, and register the email you want to use to get notifications for things like when you gain a referral, one of your deals go hot, etc.

You can see in the screenshot you can earn points at registration. You will then be taken to a page to choose interests.  You’ll see feeds for deals in the categories you choose and will be listed under “My interests” in your account. Then you’ll choose a few stores to follow and it will generate your initial deal feed. Don’t worry you can change and add more later if you like.


**NEW** How Feeds Work

Feeds is a newer feature on Dealspotr. As mentioned above, when you create a Dealspotr account You’ll select stores to follow and interests.  You can always add or remove some later. Once you’re signed up you can also follow other Dealspotrs like @LuvSavingMoney for example.

This is the beginning of setting up your feeds.  Feeds are a way to get a more catered way of seeing the deals you want to see.  Perhaps you don’t have pets so you’re really not interested in seeing pet supply deals. Maybe you’re not the outdoorsy type so deals from stores like Gander Mountain or REI aren’t really of interest to you.

Once you’re logged in you’ll see deals from your interests, stores you follow, and other Dealspotrs you follow.  If you’d rather just see deals from your favorite stores you can click the “stores” link in the “Your Feed” bar.  at the top.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.43.07 PM

You might also notice the box to the left in the picture above. It says “Your Feed”  and then lists things like “On Fire Deals” and “Hot Deals” which are the popular deals in your feed.  “My Deals” would be deals you have posted.

To add more interests, stores, etc go to the top of your screen on Dealspotr. You’ll see categories for, Deals, Interests, Brands, and People. Each has their own drop down box to let you choose from different options. Find hot deals, Automotive deals, just added brands, etc.

For instance, I clicked on interests and chose “Restaurants & eating out”  and I’ll get a page that pulls up like this:

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.51.21 PM

Notice the “Follow this Interest” button on the top right? Click that and you’ll now see Restaurant deals in your feed.  Simple right?

Feeds allow you to make Dealspotr your own, letting you decide what kinds of deals you’d like to see more of.


How Do I Earn Points On Dealspotr?

  • Posting Deals:  You can find deals just about anywhere.  I find deals and coupon codes through emails I’ve signed up for, facebook ads, twitter feed, and even snail mail. Now instead of seeing junk mail or clogged email boxes I see a potential to earn free Amazon gift cards.

There are 2 different ways to post deals. You can post for sales or sitewide deals or you can post deals on individual items. For example maybe you see Gamestop has a specific video game for $10 off regular price until Sunday. So If I want to post about the Gamestop deal I’d click “add deal” at the top of the Dealpspotr page, choose “Product Deal” Then fill out the form with the name of the store, link to the product, end date for sale, etc. If the deal has already been posted it will say so in red letters before you submit it.

Image 6-16-16 at 7.44 PM

  • Spotting Deals:  Next to your username, in the bar at the top of the Dealspotr page you’ll see an up arrow with a number beside it (circled in blue below). That’s the number of deals you can “spot” when you see a good one.  If you correctly spot good deals you’ll earn points. If you’re the first one to spot the deal you’ll earn more points than, say, the 4th one to spot the same deal.

Image 6-16-16 at 7.29 PM

Each deal has a similar up arrow underneath it. If you think something is a good deal hit that up arrow. Use them wisely though, you only get so many a day!

  • Commenting on deals:  This one is pretty self explanatory.  Under each deal posted is a comment button that looks like a thought bubble. It’s right next to that up arrow to spot the deal.  Add your comments, reply to other people’s comments on the deals.
  • Posting Hot or Fire Deals:  If enough people are interested in a deal you posted it will go “hot” if A LOT of people are interested in the deal you posted it will “catch fire”. You earn extra points for a deal that goes hot and even more for a deal that catches fire.
  • Referring Friends: Once you get the hang of it you’re sure to love it.  Why not tell your frugal friends about the best place to find deals, connect with other deal hunters, and earn free Amazon gift cards.
  • Daily Checklists: Each day you’ll have a new checklist in your dashboard with 3 different tasks for your to complete on the site.  It might be “comment on 5 deals today) or “post a sitewide deal” If you complete your checklist for the day you’ll earn extra points.  Click on your picture at the top of the dealspotr page, from the drop down box choose “My dashboard” you’ll see the check list on the right side of the page.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.48.47 PM

How Do I Redeem Points for Amazon Gift Cards?

Once you reach 10,000 points (which sounds like a lot but you’ll earn them quickly) You can go to “Points & Rewards” under “My Dashboard” You’ll see how many points you’ve earned. Once you’ve earned at least 10,000 points a green “Redeem Now” button will be available click that button and you’re on your way to getting your Amazon gift card.  Just a note, if you’d rather save up and cash out later you can. That’s what I like to do but the choice is yours.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.56.34 PM

Still have questions? Dealspotr and Verified Influencers like me are happy to help, you just have to ask!


I wrote this post as a Verified Influencer for Dealspotr. I was compensated for my time.