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Valentine Guide 2015

Are you a coffee lover? Do you know a coffee lover?  Chances are you could answer yes to at least one of those questions.  Do you have a Keurig? Does someone you know have a Keurig? Then have I got the subscription box for you!

usfg single cup club logo

The perfect friend in the pursuit of amazing coffee, Single Cup Club is like having your own “guy” in the coffee world. Each month, a box of artisan coffees is shipped right to your door for just $19. You’ll experience three small batch roasted coffees with each month’s box in the convenience of Kuerig compatible single serve cups. Get 25% off your Single Cup Club membership (Gift & Ongoing Membership). It’s the perfect box for the coffee lover in your life, especially if that coffee lover is you!

I received my first box about a month ago.

usfg single cup club

I never heard of these coffees before. I love trying new coffee so this box was perfect for me.  I also thought it was pretty neat that the box had a seal with a hand written name of the person that packed my box.

usfb single cup club label

I received my 2nd box a few days ago. I couldn’t wait to try the caramel candy flavor.  The flavor was amazing and is probably my favorite single cup I’ve tried so far.

Instead of getting your sweetheart a box of chocolates this Valentine’s day, consider getting a box of single cup coffee instead. Get a subscription and it’ll be a gift that keeps on giving. Subscribe HERE. Single Cup Club 25% off Membership signup – Use code: HOLIDAY25

I received a product sample for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are my own.



WOW 50% Off Styling Sets, Curling Wands, and More

NuMe has more great deals before Valentine’s Day.  50% off Styling Sets, Curling Wands, Hair Straighteners, and Blow Dryers.  Just use code VDAY50 to grab the deal!

If you’re not familiar with NuMe products they are salon grade hair styling products.  I had their signature hair dryer on the way to review and I can’t wait!  My current hair dryer is probably 10 years old at least and it’s very basic.  But the Signature NuMe hair dryer uses negative ionic technology for smooth, shiny hair when you’re done.  The official dryer of stylist and industry professionals.  Normally $139 you can grab this dryer in the color of your choice for 50% off right now!  Just use that VDAY50 code

nume negative ion dryer

There are lots of other products too. They still have the awesome deal on the White Truffle Collection which I’m about to grab.  Normally $130 for 5 salon grade hair products only $39 with code NUME39


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Wine for Valentine’s Day? Don’t Forget the Wine Opener

Valentine Guide 2015

You went all out.  You cooked a homemade meal for your sweetheart. You set the table. The candles are lit. The bottle of wine is on ice (or champagne). You surprised your valentine with a romantic dinner at home.  You grab the the to pour a glass and realize…um, how do I open this? Do we even have a corkscrew? I think I have one on my key chain, oh shoot no that’s right, it broke.  You end up trying to pry it out with a knife or fork and it doesn’t go so well. Everything was perfect until now.

But it’s not Valentine’s day yet and you still have time.  Let’s go ahead and get that wine bottle opener now.  The X-Chef corkscrew set will be just what you need. Whether it’s dinner at home or a bottle of wine in your hotel room, it’s portable.  It’s stainless steel so if you accidently drop drop it in the hot tub it’ll be ok.  It also have a foil cutter for those stubborn bottle seals.

Blog 005

I’ve not used one quite like this before. It didn’t come with instructions but after playing around with it for a few minutes it’s actually pretty efficient.  You see that stainless steel arm with the arrow on it on the right side of the picture above? Well after you get the corkscrew in the bottle of that stainless steel arm fits on the lip of the bottle.  You then you use it like a lever to pull the cork out.

Blog 007

I just pulled it to the side where the lever is and the cork started sliding right out.  This is a heavy duty corkscrew set.  It’s not made cheap at all. Although surprisingly it’s only $3.99 on Amazon as an add-on item right now. Original price says $35.99. Not sure how long it will stay with the $3.99 price tag so you might want to grab it cheap while you can.

If you’re not sure if you have a wine bottle opener, don’t have a portable one, want to give one in addition to gifting a bottle of wine, this is a nice one to get. Made well, works well, affordable. Bam! You got this Valentine’s day thing down!

I received a sample product in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

Valentine Idea For Your Health Conscious Valentine

Valentine Guide 2015

Is your Valentine still going strong with their Valentine resolution. Working out, trying to increase their water intake, trying to avoid sugar laden drinks? I have an idea for you.  Libre Tea glasses.  Even if your love is not a tea drinker, just hear me out.  I promise it’s more than a tea glass.

I’m not a huge tea drinker. I do enjoy a glass of green tea or chai tea here an there but it’s not my go to drink. Want to know what my favorite use for Libre Tea glasses are? Water intake. Sure you could fill it up with water and go. Nothing wrong with that but if you like to add flavor to your water this is where this glass really comes in handy. Water infusion. Maybe they like to add fresh mint to your water. The strainer built into the lid is perfect for gulping down some cool refreshing mint water without getting mouthfuls of mint leaves.

Blog 003

Perhaps they like to add some fresh kiwi and strawberry in your water but not super keen on eating the fruit when their done.  Hey it might be a texture thing I feel ya.  I’m that way. They can still get the fruit flavor infusion without having to eat mushy fruit while they’re drinking.

It is, of course, great for loose leaf or even bag tea.  Check out this video to see how to brew tea in the Libre Tea glass.

One of the other benefits of this glass is that it can hold hot or cold beverages. It has a glass interior with a durable poly exterior. They come in 3 different size: original 9 oz, Large 14 oz, and a 10 oz mug. They also have a selection for colors and designs to choose from.  This time around I chose the large Starbust Libre Tea Glass.

Blog 004

I had just brewed some loose leaf citrus mint green tea so that’s what you see in my glass.  The cap and bottom is a pretty turquoise color.  With different shades of green, turquoise and brown starbursts around the glass.  I also own an original size classic glass.  I feel like the bigger one I use more for water intake and water infusion while the smaller one I generally use for my tea.  But tea lovers might like it the other way around.

You can find Libre Tea on the following social media sites:


Twitter: @LibreTea



Libre Tea has something else for you while you’re here. How about a giveaway?

Valentine Libre Tea title pic

Winner will get to choose from one of the following options:
One of the Libre Classic collections: Large (420ml/14oz), Original (260ml/9oz) or Mug with handle (290ml/10oz)
Or one of the Libre Life collections: 14oz Lively Leaves, the 14oz Starburst, the 14oz Garden Pink, the 9oz Garden Pink, or the 14oz Black Brush

Giveaway is open to USA, Canada, Australia and UK (Classic Collection only for UK)

Valentine Libre Tea Glass Giveaway

I received a product sample for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are my own.

Valentine For The Kids Without The Sugar – I See Me

Valentine Guide 2015

I like to get my kids a little something for Valentine’s day.  I’m not a fan of getting them a lot of sugar.  I usually do end up getting them the little chocolate heart boxes that have like 5 pieces of candy in them. But they eat the candy and it’s done.  Now what if you give your child a gift that would remind them how much their loved whenever they feel like and maybe even encourage them to read. offers personalized products like growth charts, stickers, coloring books, and more.  For Valentine’s day you can get them the personalized book “Who Loves Me!” Valentine Sticker Edition.

Valentine Who Loves Me book

I got this book to review for my son.  First of all, he loves getting little surprises in the mail. I’ll be honest, he wasn’t super excited when he saw a pink book at first but, when I started reading he had a huge smile and was waiting to see what else the book would say. His name, all his family that was close to him was mentioned in the book and he loved it.

The illustrations are beautiful.  It can be customized with a picture of your child and a dedication you choose in the front of the book.  In the closing, you can put your child’s name and birth date.

I read my son the book when we first got it in the mail.  When I asked him what bed time story he wanted a few days ago.  He picked this one.  You can still see the smile on his face when I read it.

Blog 003

You can find Who Loves Me! Valentine Sticker Edition book on along with lots of other fun and personalized Valentine gifts that would make a good replacement for candy or other Valentine trinkets.

Deadline for Valentine delivery is February 2, 2016.

You can also find I See Me on the following social media sites:

Twitter: @ISeeMe_Books





I received a sample for review. Any opinions expressed are my own.